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The New Face of British Football

Saka on the cover of Time

COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt 2022

COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt 2022

2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference

China HomeLife Trade Fair

China HomeLife Trade Fair

The largest sourcing platform of quality Chinese products in Africa

About Global Ville

A Digital Community sharing Experience, Thought, and Opportunities

Global Ville is currently morphing into a digital content marketing and distribution platform, and will exist as a digital community that shares experiences, thoughts, and opportunities to any individual with an interest in learning & development, financial knowledge, and fitness.

Global Ville’s community will consist of any individual that inspires to contribute to developing, sharing, and growing digital content from an African perspective. As part of the Global Ville’s community, you will help shape, create, and inspire an afrocentric mindset - based on the experiences of being an African citizen in the 21st century.


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