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Embracing Global Ville

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Global Ville is currently morphing into a digital content marketing and distribution platform, and will exist as a digital community that shares experiences, thoughts, and opportunities to any individual with an interest in learning & development, financial knowledge, and fitness.

Global Ville’s community will consist of any individual that inspires to contribute to developing, sharing, and growing digital content from an African perspective. As part of the Global Ville’s community, you will help shape, create, and inspire an afrocentric mindset - based on the experiences of being an African citizen in the 21st century.


The community exists digitally through sharing the experiences of a pan-African perspective through short form content - mostly articles, pictures, and videos. The platform will grow beyond learning & development, financial knowledge, and fitness to include thoughts and experiences the community finds relevant. 


As a team, Global Ville is looking forward to curating content that shares a day-to-day lived experience. Global Ville’s storytelling will be as personal, colourful, and unapologetic as Global Ville’s ambassadors.


Introducing the Global Ville ambassadors…

Malebo Nkosi.png
Emmanuel Adu-Awuku.png

Malebo is a philanthropist at heart and super passionate about education and self development. She is  a financial literacy enthusiast and even went as far as creating a YouTube and Tik Tok Channel focusing on “how you can make money online”.

Emmanuel…also known as championship mode, is the consulting guru of the group. When he’s not thinking about consulting concepts, he’s staying in championship mode. Emmanuel leads Global Ville’s wellness content curation.

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Stay tuned as Global Ville creates a community through storytelling

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