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How to make up to R100 000 in South Africa working from home

Making money online is met with many challenges; the biggest challenge is finding legit platforms that won't waste your time.

I have been making money online since September 2021 and have come across 6 different ways of and found out about over 50 platforms that one can make money from. I was able to make over R150 000, you can check out the exact sites Here

The following will be an outline of the platforms and a quick overview of how they work (N.B the links are hyperlink i.e you can click on them and they will take you to the platform of interest)

Buy groceries for free through cash coupons (Earn up to R500/month):

  1. Snap and Save - Book offers and get rewarded

  2. Ibottit - Get R2/receipt (up to 16 receipts/month), Get R5 per survey (Short questions and no screening)

  3. Wuhu - Get R1/receipt from specific retail outlets, called stamp cards, and complete missions

Getting paid to play games (Earn up to R300/month):

  1. The Lucky Miner- Play games on android phones

  2. Gamee- play games, spin, & bet to win real money

  3. App Flame- Play games on android phones

  4. Moneywell- Play games on android phones

Getting paid to complete surveys (Earn up to R1500/month):

  1. Enlighten Panel (Website only) - Complete surveys ( 1 point= R1) Minimum cash-out threshold is R50, pays via vouchers

  2. TGM Panel (Website only)- Get paid up to $3/survey (R54). Minimum cash-out threshold ($12), refer others and get 20% commission

  3. Survey time (App + Website) - Get paid immediately for surveys that are between $0.5- $1

  4. Market Agent- complete surveys (50 points~ R8), Refer others, and get 50 points when they complete their first survey

  5. Ysense (App + Website)- Get paid to complete offers and surveys and refer others, Minimum cash-out threshold is $5 using Skill and $10 using PayPal

  6. Myiyo (App)- Complete surveys (100 points = R1), refer others, and get R500 per successful conversion i.e the person completes a survey

  7. Swagbucks (App + Website)- Get paid to complete offers and surveys and refer others, Minimum cash-out threshold is $5 using Amazon and $10 using PayPal

  8. Survey Yeah (Website only) - complete surveys (12.5 points = 1 pound) and refer others

  9. Prolific (Website)- Get paid to fill out academic surveys

  10. Prize rebel (Website only) - Get paid to complete a survey and refer others (500 points= $5)

Get paid to complete missions (Earn up to R10 000/month):

  1. M4JAM - Work on Heineken Projects ( Earn between R65-R80)

  2. Field agent - Earn between R160- R320

  3. Chirp - Earn up to R850

  4. Helion Research - Apply for Jobs

  5. Premise - Earn up to $8

Get paid to complete tasks (Earn up to R30 000/month):

  1. Teach English Online via Cambly

  2. Teach English Online via Preply

  3. Teach English Online via Remotasks

  4. Complete short projects Appen

Start A business and make money online (Earn up to R100 000/month):

  1. Sell digital products through Teachable

  2. Create digital products/graphic designs with Canva

  3. Sell your services through Upwork.

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