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Revamped: My entry for the Mastercard Foundation's "Speak Your Mind Challenge" 2023

Updated: Mar 30

2023 Baobab Summit - Kampala, Uganda August 4-6

The Mastercard Foundation hosts an annual summit themed Baobab Summit that takes place at a different location across Africa with this year’s event in Kampala, Uganda. The purpose of the Summit is to discuss relevant topics that affect the youth and inspire the youth to catalyse change in their communities - by using their talent and leadership.

As a Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) alumni, this would be my second attempt to attend the Baobab Summit - I hope this is a winning submission 🤞🏿


I use my voice to shape the world…

UNSC Resolution 1325 (on Women, Peace, and Security) Panel Debate, UNASA University of Pretoria Chapter, 2019

In my 2020s, I’ve transformed my identity as an aspiring management consultant into a young consulting professional that uses social media to discuss three main themes - Consulting, Wellbeing, and Lifestyle.

Here’s how…

In 2019, my first year of MCFSP, my main battIes were my Masters degree, growing the TEDxUniversityofPretoria brand, and my ambition of joining a top tier consulting firm - the Chemical Engineering industry was struggling so I decided to broaden my opportunities. In balancing the three major and differing parts of my life, I was focused on my performance. How can I bring out my best self, how can I tweak my mindset, how can I get more out of my time and effort to put myself in peak performance?

It all started with a book - Thrive by Arianna Huffington. Her message - you don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing to reach extraordinary levels of success. She would do it differently if she could! That resonated with me. I became obsessed with her tools and techniques, and how practical they were (track your time, at least seven hours of sleep, etc). I started experimenting with her ideas; more research led me to Nike’s Trained podcast. The enduring message of Nike’s five facets of training - Movement, Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition, and Sleep - gave me more material to implement in my life. I kept track of all my research through digital notes and calendar reminders, making it easier for future reference.

These wellbeing elements became the foundations of my life, keeping me grounded across major disruptions in 2020 and 2021 (joining PwC South Africa, COVID-19 pandemic, relocating to Johannesburg). I could easily recall the countless times the wellbeing wisdoms I accumulated came to my rescue, especially in managing the high pressures of Consulting.

I thought to myself, “how valuable would this knowledge be to other young professionals?”

Championship Mode Collective YouTube banner

After spending December 2021 and January 2022 meditating on the idea, I officially launched Championship Mode Collective in February 2022 - a YouTube channel that discusses working in Consulting, building wellbeing habits, and my lifestyle outside of Consulting. I amplified my messaging through Instagram and Linkedin. As we reach the halfway mark of 2023, I’m really pleased to still be here - currently on 868 YouTube subscribers - investing my time in a movement I firmly believe in.


Moving my community forward

At PwC South Africa, I’m involved in coaching the next generation and act as a culture change champion. Coaching gives me the opportunity to shape the minds of the next generation - by sharing my experiences, resources and tools, and networks - as they seek sustained outcomes. Coupling this with creating an inclusive working culture that is supportive, creates ownership, and lives the PwC values, allows the next generation to have an immediate impact for PwC and their communities.

PwC South Africa head office, Midrand

Championship Mode Collective discusses the day-to-day joys and pressures of Consulting, how to build and maintain wellbeing habits to improve your performance, and how I de-stress in my life. Some well known videos include how I discovered Consulting, the basics of Consulting, and how to be resilient in your daily life. Speaking my mind in this way has galvanised young professionals to be intentional about their career choices and finding their passions, while leading a balanced life. The social media and in-person interactions have validated Championship Mode Collective, giving me more momentum to carry on making a difference.

Global Ville founding team

I’m also involved in Global Ville - a joint blogging collaboration with a couple of my close friends that aims to inspire and create an Afrocentric mindset by developing and sharing digital content from an African perspective - which promotes digital content on Building wealth, Mobility (Transport), Wellbeing, and Pop culture to name a few. In essence, Global Ville is social commentary for Africa, by Africa.


Using my talents and leadership to be the change I want to see

My vision is to contribute to an Africa that has more credibility and autonomy in its local and global affairs. This would be supported by the mission to completely localise Africa’s supply chains by 2035, leveraging the AfCFTA’s mandate to make Africa more competitive in the global economy.

By creating a body of work that highlights my Consulting expertise (in supply chain and general consulting) and commentary on topics relevant in Africa, I’m building credibility that will allow me to contribute to the localisation of African industries. In the same breath, I’m inspiring the next generation to be the change they want to see.

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